Chapter Dashboard: Regions: Marking Region Results

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Step 1: Click Input Advancement/Place in the left menu.

Step 2: Search for an entry and click Go
You may search by Classification number, Entry #, Student ID, or Chapter #.  

For each entry:
Step 3: Select the circle button next to Not Advancing or Advancing.
• For entries that will not be advancing to State Contest, select Not Advancing.
• For entries that will be advancing to State Contest, select Advancing.
• You may only select one option.  
• Making a selection is required for each entry.

Step 4: Click the black down arrow next to the word Place.
• You may select a number from the menu according to the place achieved at regional competition.
• Making a selection is optional for each entry.  

Step 5: Click the Save / Edit button.
• Click the Save button, if you are following these steps to save your selections. 
• Click the Edit button, if you have made changes to your first selections to save your changes.
Note: The text of the button changes from Save to Edit. 

Step 6: Repeat these steps as necessary for all entries in your region.

Feel free to print this guide. Updates to this page may happen periodically.  

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Last Updated: 3/20/2016

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