Chapter Dashboard: Troubleshooting Tips

Please contact your technology professional staff immediately, if you are unable to access any of the following websites: | Our website for the Chapter Dashboard service | We use this website to host our Guides and track Support

Ask your technology staff to allow access to those websites and allow emails from those domain names. If they are not satisfied with the explanations or need more information, please provide them with a link to this support website.

Help! I can't access the website.
Status of is reported every minute at:
Rarely is the website down for more than 1 minute in a single day. Use another device to check the status. If service is operating normally, please troubleshoot your internet connection.

Help! I can't login.
Please make sure you are using the Username and Password provided to you.

Help! When I login to the website, I click buttons and nothing saves.
• Please note that the website will log you out automatically after periods of inactivity. This feature is intended. Please log back into the website.

• Confirm that you did not lose connection to the internet while you were working. Please redo your previous actions if loss of internet prevented a save.

• Ask your technology staff if JavaScript is disabled on your computer. If JavaScript is disabled, ask the staff to enable for JavaScript.

• Ask your technology staff if cookies are disabled on your computer. If cookies are disabled, ask the staff to enable for cookies.

• Ask your technology staff if content filtering is enabled on your network. If content filtering is enabled, ask the staff to allow through the content filter.

• is tested to work in up-to-date popular browsers, but your individual settings or settings chosen for you by your technology staff may prevent you from taking certain actions. Please try using another browser on your computer. If all attempts fail, devices NOT owned by school districts or government agencies are often not as restricted and usually support all website functions.

Help! None of those tips worked or something else...
Contact support with as much detail as possible about who you are and the steps you are taking.

Feel free to print this guide. Updates to this page may happen periodically.

-Tech Locally Support

Last updated: 2/8/2018

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